Jeanine Gaynor

Welcome to the world of my soul’s meanderings and journey! I am a highly sensitive person with a strong connection to the energetic changes and rhythms of nature. I prefer a kinder and gentler way of life and have sought out silence and solitude as a way to balance the pace and chaos of our world today. I live from the heart place and find loving kindness to be integral to my sense of wellbeing. I invite you into my sacred space as I share my soul’s work.

I am inspired by nature and by the behavior and emotions of those around me. I pick up all of the subtle nuances in life that many others may not even discern, thus they show up in my work as inexplicable images and shapes. I do not censor anything that flows forth, for all that is evoked is relevant to my personal journey of healing and my need to return to my center.

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